Janos Kalmar

After completing my apprenticeship as a electronics engineer, I very soon moved to a manufacturer of industrial robots, where I gained my first experience in software development.
After moving to one of the world market leaders in rehabilitation technology, I gained 30 years of experience with medical products in various positions and roles.
In October 2020, I started my own business as a consultant and hope to use my experience to help start-ups and SMEs in the planning, development and production of  medical devices. In doing so, I can draw on well-founded knowledge in technology, the application of relevant standards and regulations, project management and the creation and maintenance of quality management systems.

Partner entrepreneur

Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Hirtner, B.Sc.

After the technical college for automotive engineering, I initially worked in craft businesses as well as production facilities for boat engines and agricultural machinery and later as a CAD designer in automotive design. The technical experience I gained during this time and my interest in physics and medicine led me to study medical technology. The subsequent employment in the field of prosthetics not only provided me with many insights into the human-machine interface, but also confronted me with the regulatory hurdles of medical product development. In January 2020, I founded the engineering office for medical technology in Steyr. I am fascinated by the manifold possibilities of the interdisciplinary field of medical technology and look forward to supporting you with my expertise in your projects.

Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Hirtner, B.Sc.
Meierhofweg 10, 4407 Steyr, Austria
Tel.: +43 (0) 677 6267 4050

Dipl.-Ing Cristiano Nishimura

After studying mechanical engineering at the Federal University of Paraná (Curitiba / Brazil), I gained several years of experience as a project manager in the construction of electricity plants.
Due to my interest in design, I studied automotive design at the Instituto Europeo di Design in Turin and have since been working as a designer and constructor for German car manufacturers. I mainly create sketches of concepts and use CAD to model design components together with the mechanical substructure.
The knowledge of manufacturing technology helps me to lay out the design in such a way that smooth manufacturability is ensured and at the same time the economic aspects of the production processes are taken into account.
I also keep up to date with the latest 3D printing techniques for prototyping and small batch production.

Dipl.-Ing Cristiano Nishimura
Tel.: +49 176 76701 007